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Student Council Meetings

This half term has seen the reintroduction of weekly meetings for the Student Council to the Quorn Hall School calendar. With representation from all areas of the student population, five students have been invited to meet with our Headteacher, Caroline Bell, to discuss issues and ideas their peers wish to be raised.

Successful outcomes previously to date include the arrival of a comprehensive list of books to improve the Library; a fish tank for one of the classrooms (fish yet to be chosen as this is proving contentious!); more sports equipment including new footballs, basketballs and the all important pumps; student clothing to match the staffs’ polo shirts and gilets (although not compulsory); and the launch of the Drama Lunch Club!

Items still being considered by the students are the purchase of Quorn Hall School hoodies and beanie hats; the introduction of daily choices for sandwich fillings; classroom pets; personalised Leavers’ gifts, and other Lunch Club activities.

Meeting with Caroline has enabled the Student Council to bring their ideas for discussion and feel heard and listened to. Currently the students are thinking of suggestions they could make about improving the location of the IT room. There are a number of other improvements which are already being considered, for example a trampoline in the grounds (subject to civil engineering inspections!), and the provision of a quiet area for students to relax in.

Caroline and the students are thoroughly enjoying the opportunity to meet, and clearly the biscuits provided are a great motivator too!

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