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Computing is taught as a curriculum subject from Year 1 right through to Year 11.  Our computing curriculum has been developed with the National Centre for Computing Education and is a spiral learning system where themes are revisited at least once a year to consolidate and build on prior learning.


The curriculum builds up to a choice of 3 pathways in Key Stage 4 with a range of qualifications to suit our pupils' individual needs.


Key Stage 2


At Key Stage 2 computing is hands-on and explorative, pupils explore multiple interactive devices, and programs, and learn about how technology can improve our lives when used responsibly. Pupils begin to learn basic coding and digital program use. They also learn the basics of staying safe online.

Key Stage 3

 At Key Stage 3 pupils begin to delve deeper into the basic programs and concepts they encountered in Key Stage 2. Pupils will aim to gain a Digital Functional Skills qualification at the end of KS3.

They develop key skills in office programs and computer handling in order to be competent IT users in their daily work and personal lives.

As part of learning how to stay safe online they explore aspects of cybersecurity.

They learn how computers work and connect with each other and develop their programming skills.

They use IT devices to be creative in a multitude of ways, creating digital artefacts such as images, videos, audio files, alternative representations, websites and apps.

Key Stage 4


Entry Level Certificate in Computer Science.


In Key Stage 4 learning is tailored more specifically to the needs and future requirements of pupils preparing to enter college or work environments.

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