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At Quorn Hall School, we believe that our curriculum is the cement which provides our pupils with a solid foundation on which to build their future, both academically and socially.

It drives our pupils’ independence, knowledge and skills in order to survive and thrive in whatever they aspire to be. Through the subjects we deliver and teach, we are showing our pupils that with determination and drive they have the power to accomplish anything. We expect our pupils to take ownership of what they are working towards and our staff show them strategies to succeed.


All teachers and professionals within the school engage in continuing professional development to enhance their skills and competencies and to align with the demands of the breadth and ambitious national curriculum; helping to provide a range of strategies to inspire all of our pupils.

Lower School


Classes in the Lower School are no larger than 8 students. We study Maths and English in the morning every day, including phonics work and Nessy, and the afternoons are spent working on themed projects covering a wider range of subjects. 


All classes in the Lower School take part in timetabled  Forest School sessions with the Forest School leader where they work towards gaining skills and independence in tasks like fire lighting and using tools.


In the Lower School we focus on creating an understanding about why it is good to learn and how it will benefit them in later life. We also look at the social and behavioural aspects of attending school and learning with others.

Upper School


Classes in the Upper School are no larger than 8 students. We study Maths and English every day and then access other subjects on rotation to include, amongst others, Science, Art, Music and PE. 


We follow the National Curriculum and our teaching is highly differentiated taking into account the starting point and progress of the individual student. We work on developing independence skills and a willingness to learn. Students will work towards taking qualifications.


As Quorn Hall School has recently been welcomed into the Cavendish Education Group, the curriculum policy is currently under review. It is however, available upon request.


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Quorn Hall School is a part of the Cavendish Education Group.

Quorn Hall School Ltd is registered in England and Wales. Company No 06342062. 

Registered office : 14 Waterloo Place, London, SW1Y 4AR