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At Quorn Hall School, we believe that our curriculum is the cement which provides our pupils with a solid foundation on which to build their future, both academically and socially.

It drives our pupils’ independence, knowledge and skills in order to survive and thrive in whatever they aspire to be. Through the subjects we deliver and teach, we are showing our pupils that with determination and drive they have the power to accomplish anything.


We expect our pupils to take ownership of what they are working towards and our staff show them strategies to succeed.


All teachers and professionals within the school engage in continuing professional development to enhance their skills and competencies and to align with the demands of the breadth and ambitious National Curriculum; helping to provide a range of strategies to inspire all of our pupils.


Our Primary School

Classes in our primary years currently have no more than eight pupils.


Our learning environment is a space where pupils can explore and develop their love for learning in a safe and nurturing way. We focus on teaching and learning around providing an understanding about why it is good to learn and how it will benefit them in later life.


During the day, our pupils experience a wide variety of subjects, which are all underpinned with English and Maths.


Pupils can experience Science, Cooking, Forest School, Thematic studies, PE, Performing Arts and PSHE.

We also look at the social and behavioural aspects of attending school and learning with others.


Our Secondary School

In Key stage 3 and 4 classes range between six to eight pupils.

Each morning the classes are taught Maths and English by their class teacher with the support of specialist English and Maths teachers in Key stage 4 in preparation for their qualifications during their time in this Key stage.


Our teaching is highly differentiated taking into account the starting point and progress of the individual pupil. We work on developing independence skills and a willingness to learn.


In Key Stage 3 and 4 we have adopted a two tier pathway for pupils to work on – this is reviewed termly with teachers and the Assistant Head Teachers in charge of the curriculum, teaching and learning.


The two pathways are built to help be flexible to meet the needs of the individual pupil and provide a foundation for what they are working towards once they have left Quorn Hall School.


Here is a breakdown of the pathways at Quorn Hall School.


Functional Skills Pathway

A vocational pathway that is built up with a variety of practical and visual opportunities for pupils to reach their full potential. Built on a foundation of English and Mathematic lessons this pathway will prepare pupils to improve their functional skills in readiness for exams in Year 11.


Pupils will also be given the opportunity to take part in Science, Forest school, ICT, Art,  PE, and Learning for Life, with PSHE and thematic studies running throughout the curriculum timetable, helping pupils to achieve a number of vocational qualifications along the way.


Pupils will have the opportunity to have dedicated interventions and additional support to bridge the gap between any education they have missed in previous years.


GCSE Pathway

An academic, mainly classroom based curriculum that will prepare pupils in Key Stage 4 to work toward obtaining GCSE qualifications in a number of subjects, with approval from the Joint Council for Qualifications (JCQ).


Monday to Friday, pupils will have dedicated lessons in English and Maths to enhance the knowledge and skills for pupils to access the specification for sitting their GCSE qualifications.


As well as having the opportunity to access these core subjects, specialist subject teachers will deliver a number of examination subjects across the curriculum which include: Science, ICT, PE, Performing Arts, Art, Design Technology and Woodwork, Learning for Life and PSHE. 


Each pupil in Key Stage 4 will also have access to a careers and employability specialist and have regular transition meetings to prepare them for adulthood and the next chapter in their education.

Curriculum Mapping 2023 - 2026

Functional Skills Writing

Functional Skills Spelling

Functional Skills Literature 

Functional Skills Reading

Personal development/ Careers

Forest School




Physical Education

Functional Skills Maths

GCSE Maths

Food Technology


Duke of Edinburgh

KS4 English




"What a great school this is, giving young people the opportunity to achieve their very best. Brilliant!"

– Parent

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