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Here at Quorn Hall School we all believe strongly that change is possible and by supporting each other through that change we all grow stronger. 


It is our expectation that students who come to us, although they have experienced great difficulty coping with school in the past, do believe in the value of education. We recognise that sometimes they may find it difficult to admit this to their peers. We work with students who want to be at Quorn Hall School and are willing to work with us to change and to use the strategies we teach and take the opportunities we offer. 


We expect our students to have the capacity to take responsibility for their own actions, develop trust and to work with us. This naturally is a process and takes time. 


Our school offers full time educational provision for students who have experienced difficulties in their schooling and have a wide range of abilities.  

“It’s nice to be able to phone a school and have people chat to you in a professional yet down to earth manner about your child’s needs, their future and their education."

— Prospective Parent 


There are many and varied reasons why mainstream schooling does not work. Below is a list of some of the reasons why this may have occurred. This is by no means an exhaustive list. Students with:  


  • A history of school refusal or non-attendance usually for a complex combination of reasons, some at home and some in previous school experiences. 

  • Depression and related problems which in the extreme can lead to self-harming and suicide attempts.  

  • Severe social difficulties as a result of discrimination and bullying.  

  • Emotional vulnerability. 

  • Problems of communication and behaviour, the result of underlying receptive and expressive language difficulties. 

  • Diagnosed physical or mental health conditions which affect mood, concentration and ritualised behaviour. 

  • Developmental disorders which impact upon concentration and attention. 

  • Autistic spectrum difficulties including Asperger’s. 

  • Phobias associated with school or more generalised. 

  • Difficulties forming relationships and interacting socially.  

  • Conduct disorders.  

  • An experience of severe family trauma such as accident and bereavement.  

  • An experience of family difficulties of various types including being a young carer. 

  • An experience of school failure, retreating “into a shell” and unable to verbalise their problems. 

  • Social, emotional and behavioural difficulties. 


"I finally found a friend who gets me, as he is the same, so I fit in!"

- Student 


Parent(s) / Carer(s) and referring agencies considering a place at the school are very welcome to contact our admissions team by email or 01509 414338 to book an appointment to visit. When a referral is made the pupil and parent(s) / carer(s) will be invited for an interview and a tour of the school. 

We look forward to welcoming you to Quorn Hall School, due to Coronavirus we will be implementing the following to ensure everyone's safety when we recommence tours of our school.  We thank you for your cooperation during these times.

  1. no one is to attend/be allowed inside the premises if they are displaying any of the symptoms of coronavirus.

  2. temperature checks may be performed upon arrival. 

  3. only small groups are permitted to tour. Whilst there is no guidance on the number, it seems sensible to stick to the 'two households' rule therefore we'd recommend that no more than 4/6 people should be in a group - to include all staff member/s who are to speak/meet with them - and there should be no crossover with other groups.

  4. hand sanitizer gel will be available at all/any entry and exit points and doors/windows will remain open, where possible. 

  5. visitors will be notified of the requirement for social distancing and asked to comply, particularly indoors.

  6. visitors will be notified of the requirement for face coverings to be worn (by visitors) in indoor areas (not for those who are medically exempt/children under 11 years).

  7. the timing of tours will be carefully considered to minimise contact with our students.

Please note: If we become aware of any local outbreaks/lockdowns, this guidance will be reviewed and tours may need to be cancelled at short notice.

A copy of our admissions policy can be found here.