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Progress & Outcomes​


From the moment a pupil joins Quorn Hall School, they each make progress.

Whether a child joins Quorn Hall school within the Primary or Secondary areas, our mission remains the same – to ensure we support them as a whole.

To do this we identify key areas of development for each child, to be able to support them in the most effective way to achieve in a timeframe that best suits them. While we support academic learning, we also focus on developing resilience, perseverance and emotional intelligence.

As part of this process we have developed a number of ‘I can’ statements for social, emotional mental health so that progress can be measured and demonstrated.

Primary School

Our Primary school provides a calm and nurturing environment to help children feel safe and secure when they start at Quorn Hall School.

Our Primary school works hard on developing pupils' social communication as well as developing behaviour for learning and teaching pupils how to manage their own feelings and emotions.

Our staff want to ensure that our pupils' first experience of Quorn Hall is a positive one by treating each pupil as an individual, relationships are quickly and effectively built meaning that trust is established and developed.


We are currently developing our curriculum in Lower to enable us to begin to develop our pupils' growth to be able to access the Standard Assessment Tests (SATs) which measure children’s educational achievement in years 2 and 6, to show the attainment of their pupils and the progress they make throughout their journey in the primary school.


Key stage 3

KS3 aims to build on the work achieved in Lower School. We continue to support children in behaviour for learning and to help them manage their emotions and work on their social communication skills.

Through subject specific teaching we aim to deliver a broad curriculum which looks to lay down the stepping stones for the pupils to work towards a variety of educational qualifications as they move through the Key Stage and enter KS4. 

Our aim is for our pupils to achieve progress in all areas of school life through KS3 and for every child to achieve what they are truly capable of.


Key stage 4

At KS4 we have high aspirations for our pupils but ensure that we provide them with a safe and nurturing environment to help every individual achieve their full potential.


The curriculum follows National Curriculum expectations but we endeavour to personalise teaching and learning to provide the right amount of challenge and support.


In core subjects, progress and attainment tracking at KS3 will allow us to decide which pathway - Functional Skills and/or GCSE  is appropriate for the pupil to start their KS4 studies within.


However due to our small classes and flexible approach we are able to provide the ability to move pupils within these groups to provide the best fit for both their potential attainment and their behaviour for learning.


Within the wider curriculum we provide a wide range of subjects that allow progress to be made in a broader sense - particularly in the gaining of life skills and cultural capital. Attainment is also monitored carefully and most courses have an attached qualification which may be achieved through coursework as well as examination.


Therefore we can deliver a truly personalised and, at times, bespoke package to allow every pupil to make the best progress possible and attain the qualifications they require that provide them with the key skills for the next stage in their life.


Every pupil has the opportunity to develop both their academic and social skills and be prepared for college or apprenticeships as a well rounded young person ready for whatever life to come may hold.


"We have never had any setting go through 'C's' plan so thoroughly and meet and understand his needs so well."

- Parent 

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