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The School Day

Each day starts with breakfast followed by meet and greet activities to get ready for the day’s lessons. Lessons typically last between 40 minutes and 1 hour.


At Quorn Hall School we believe that the arrival at school is the most important part of each day and key in setting the tone in the classroom. The school day runs from 8.30am - 2.30pm.


This means welcoming the pupils, providing an inclusive and nurturing environment and ensuring they are well settled and fully prepared for the day of learning ahead. All our pupils have access to breakfast, which gives them valuable time to socialise with each other and with trusted adults.

Our school days are structured and provide a clear framework for the pupils to follow, including daily Maths and English lessons. Our pupils are given breaks in between learning to offer rest, increase concentration and to facilitate the memorisation of new content.


Our timetable includes a break in the morning as well as a 40 minute lunch break, where groups eat together, which offers our pupils the opportunity to develop their creativity and social skills.

Our Lunch Menu for the Spring Term can be viewed here.


Our pupils are offered flexibility and support throughout their working day, as part of our school ethos of treating all our pupils as individuals and recognising their differing needs.


In addition to daily Maths and English lessons, our pupils can also enjoy a variety of other subjects such as Science and PE, taught by specialists throughout the week. 


Our inspiring school grounds offer our pupils a sense of space, stability and freedom, while offering opportunities for outdoor learning in a safe space.

"I cried, our son was very anxious but I picked up a happy child! No meltdown after school!"



Here is an example of a typical 'week in the life' of a pupil at Quorn Hall School:

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