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Quorn Hall School Celebrates Remarkable Success in GCSE Results

Quorn Hall School is thrilled to announce the outstanding achievements of its Year 11 students in this year's GCSE results.

This year, students at Quorn Hall took GCSE exams in English, art, and maths. The results are nothing short of extraordinary as the school celebrates its first year of achieving grade 4 and 5 pass grades. This achievement underscores the dedication of both the students and the staff, who have worked tirelessly to ensure a bright future for each individual.

One of the most remarkable aspects of this year's results is the number of students who participated in the GCSE exams. The school saw a huge increase in participation, reflecting the growing enthusiasm and commitment of its students to working towards sitting their exams.

In English, an impressive 50% of students who took the exam passed with a 4 or a 5. However, the achievement we are most proud of is that every student who took an exam secured a well-deserved grade.

The success story doesn't end there. A significant number of students also excelled in additional qualifications, including functional skills in English and maths, and Entry level certificates in Science and Personal Development. These achievements highlight the well-rounded education that Quorn Hall School provides, preparing students for a diverse range of future opportunities.

The Quorn Hall School community takes immense pride in congratulating the first-ever students to receive the silver Duke of Edinburgh award. Looking beyond exams and qualifications, our students leave Quorn Hall School with an array of skills, whether that be cooking a fantastic bolognese, enjoying and sustaining rewarding friendships or holding their own on a basketball court.

As staff, students, parents and carers enjoy the glory of this year's achievement, the spotlight remains on the students who have risen above challenges to achieve their personal best. As one of our students put it, ‘A few years ago I didn’t even think I would finish school, let alone leave with 3 GCSEs and a college place.’

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