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Science, Technology, Engineering & Maths (STEM) Workshop

On Tuesday 1st February, we were lucky enough to have a STEM workshop based on careers in Technology. Two classrooms – Redgrave and McKellen joined together for this. The pupils engaged so well in the session and came up with a lot of different jobs that rely on different types of technology. As you can imagine the pupils were very good at naming scientists, doctors and car mechanics but they also named train drivers and construction workers.

Their own knowledge and interest in this subject was understandably popular amongst our pupils, which kept them fully engaged in the session.

What was interesting is that some of the pupils didn’t realise the connection with science, maths and engineering and the doors that could be opened to them in the future with these types of qualifications!

For the last part of the workshop the pupils had the opportunity to build their own Elenco snap circuits, AM radios, burglar alarms, doorbells and rotators. The concentration that they all had for this type of activity was fantastic and they all had a great time. They all asked if we could get these project builders in school.

A huge thank you to Hannah for her session and to all of the pupils that took part, we are very proud of them.

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