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A Note from the Head

Spring term has been busy for everybody at Quorn Hall School. From 8th March we saw the return of all students to onsite education, and it has been really inspiring to see the staff, parents, carers and other professionals working together to support students in the transition of everyone being back in school. I am hoping that as we move into the summer term any anxieties will be lessened as the country continues on its journey out of lockdown.

Staff have been very busy booking educational trips, visits and offsite activities in line with the road map out of lockdown put in place by the government for next term, to enrich our curriculum and enhance the children's educational experience.

This term staff ensured that the students have had access to a wide variety of educational activities on the school site and it has been a real pleasure to be involved in these. Can I take this opportunity to thank parents and carers for their support in this. I know it is not always easy to organise a costume for World Book Day or something 'red' for Comic Relief but it was really lovely for the students to be involved in these national initiatives.

I do hope that you get to have a restful holiday, and that spring finally arrives so that we can all enjoy some outdoor activities ahead of the further relaxation of lockdown restrictions on 12th April.

I know that many of our Year 11s are busy planning revision timetables for over the holidays so I will be thinking of them as they prepare for their summer exams.

I look forward to welcoming the students back for an exciting, activity-filled summer term!

Antonia Jackson


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