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A Note from the Head

I just wanted to say a big thank you for your support during this term, it has meant that all of our children have been able to access education despite the national lockdown, whether this is remotely on or site. It has not been an easy term: Dealing with lockdown restrictions: providing blended learning; managing extreme weather conditions; setting up an asymptomatic testing centre and all the while trying to find some joy in these difficult times.

However I have definitely been able to find some joy and that has come in the form of your children. I have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know them and I can honestly say their resilience and tenacity inspire me every day. I am incredibly lucky to be working with them and look forward to developing my relationship with them all as I get to know them better (particularly those that have been accessing remote education, it will be lovely to meet them in person).

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank the staff - again their resilience and tenacity inspire me on a daily basis! In particular everyone involved in setting up the asymptomatic testing centre as this was a new skill that we had to learn and implement very quickly. It is one of the measures that have enabled us to remain open for onsite education throughout this period. The atmosphere that the testing team has created for both staff and students is lovely, which is no mean feat considering that the test is not particularly pleasant.

I do hope you have a good half term, and get some time to rest so that we can be ready for another busy spring term, hopefully the weather will be a little kinder!

Antonia Jackson


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