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A Busy Basil Summer...

Hi everyone,

I have been super busy so far this summer holidays, exploring new sniffs and meeting new hounds. Fantastic!

I endured my first ever grooming experience, the humans say I need this to maintain my beauty and keep my hair tangle free. I felt like a new dog when paws pattered out of the parlour. I certainly felt cooler after a good trim. The humans all said I responded well and I look forward to some regular mutt cuts in the future.

Another first, I visited a 'seaside'! Boy that was fun... the sand was soft and felt so good on my paws when I ran along it. Although, I wasn't able to go for a dip this time round as the humans were worried about these things called 'waves'. Evidently on this particular day, they were too big and rough so I kept my paws firmly on the sand. I'll work on my surfing skills another time, I think I will really like the water. I was ever so tired after this beach trip - slept very soundly indeed!

I've been so lucky to enjoy lots of country walks where I get really excited to meet other dog pals, we sure enjoy running about together and seeing who is the fastest - it's even more fun now I can go 'off-lead' as the humans call it. It just means I am free to explore and roam, but I always come back when I'm called. I love my humans too much to run away!

My absolute favourite game has to be when I'm at home. We have hens and a cockerel here, and I love to play 'catch' with them, it is SO fun. They're quite quick and seem to anticipate my every move because I never manage to get near to them. I'll keep trying, it's a lot of fun trying anyway. They're definitely winning for now.

I hope you're all having an amazing summer break, I can't wait to come back in September and hear all about your adventures too. I will update you all soon, maybe with some photos of me playing chase with the poultry!

Woofs and doggy kisses,

Basil Bones,

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