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Trips, Trips & more Trips!

Updated: May 12, 2021

Lower School have recently enjoyed a visit to the Leicester Outdoor Pursuit Centre.

As part of our enriching extra curricular curriculum, once a fortnight the Lower School cohort are facing their fears and working together to overcome being challenged in new ways, taking learning outside of the classroom at the Leicester Outdoor Pursuit Centre.

Pupils were transported out of their comfort zones and faced high walls and team building exercises. They were fantastic ambassadors for QHS and they all excelled; we all cannot wait for our next visit! Bring on the challenges!

We also explored Beacon Hill to bring ancient history to life, we learnt that there were people who settled in this area dating all the way back to the Bronze age.

We explored the Labyrinth and told spooky stories using our environment for inspiration. We will definitely return as there is much more to be discovered!

We have also embarked on a weekly trip to the local Quorn park, where students get to have fun and play together in a different environment.

Mandela class have also been busy exploring Bradgate park. They thoroughly enjoyed climbing rocks, feeding the ducks and paddling in the stream looking for fish in their natural habitats.

Students will be comparing the differences between our, now weekly, local Quorn park trip and Bradgate park, a beautiful national park.

Being in the great outdoors has helped our students to overcome challenges and learn new skills, built up their resilience, and boosted their self-confidence. This, in turn, has had a hugely positive impact on their mental health.

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