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The Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award Goes To...

Congratulations to Taylor and Joseph who have both achieved their Duke of Edinburgh Bronze award. A huge well done to all involved in helping them achieve this, they have been working very hard on all 4 sections;





It can take a minimum of 6 months to complete the Bronze award and an overnight stay is expected in order to complete the Expedition section. All students have done wonderfully well to earn their Bronze and should be incredibly proud of themselves!

The benefits for students who achieve these awards, and perhaps go on to obtain the Silver and Gold awards, are multiple. They help students become fitter and healthier with the physical elements; they make a difference to the community in which they volunteer; they develop new skills, learn about commitment, communication and leadership. Not to mention making new friends and building memories to last a lifetime. So well done to Taylor and Joseph for persevering and commiting to the cause! You did it!

Mr Thorsteinsson has said; "Fantastic achievement. My first day at the school saw these guys returning wet, cold and tired from an overnight walk. Very proud!"

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