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Return To School!

The time is nearly upon us. The really exciting return to school! We are so looking forward to welcoming our fantastic students back next Tuesday. The staff have been in training this week, with the Leadership team having started last week.

As promised, we have ‘nearly’ completed phase one works to the school, with phase two to closely follow. We say 'nearly' as the team are busy completing by Saturday night and handing over to us.

We have our new Science lab (with technicians lab) and food tech room;

The main Hall has had a spruce up, and from October half term will become the main reception, with waiting room;

The annex, (formally the wing) has been completely redeveloped, clearing out walls to create much more effective classroom and therapy spaces, all the classrooms in the annex, and all key stage 3 and 4 classrooms have also had new furniture and the addition of interactive monitors;

The name change is official, we even have signs.....

We want to welcome our students back safely, and with our renewed focus on doing the absolute best for them, and have already communicated directly with them and their parents and carers about the measures in place.

We will be holding a parent’s evening early on in the year, which we will plan to be COVID 19 secure, to show everyone the work so far and to communicate our vision for the school, the group and their individual children and young people.

Once we are further clear of Coronavirus, we will also be looking to invite our local community, and other local groups in to see what we do and look for opportunities to collaborate.

We can't wait to see you all next week!

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