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Basil Bones - A pUpdate

Quorn Hall School is extremely excited to announce that we will soon be the proud owners of our very own school therapy dog!

This decision has been made following extensive research, discussion with other schools that have a School Dog and with the approval of the Governing Body. The breed of the dog will be a Cavapoochon, known as a triple hybrid dog, this breed was chosen because it exhibits a wide variety of characteristics and traits gained from all three breeds. Its unique features, temperament and behaviours are the perfect combination for a school therapy dog.

We will be collecting the puppy next week, a student vote has resulted in his name, Basil Bones. He has been given the surname 'Bones 'as another school within the Cavendish Education group, Gretton School in Cambridge, will be having a therapy pup of their own from the same litter called 'Sherlock Bones'! We hope the two brothers can meet for some 'bro' time once they're both settled in their new school homes.

Basil will live with a member of staff who will take care of him both inside and outside of school.

QHS has researched and seen the many benefits of having a school dog:

● Dogs teach children about responsibility – by children having to remember to feed and give water to the dog it can give them a sense of importance and satisfaction that they may not get from other responsibilities.

● Dogs teach children patience – they do not always do as they are told the first time!

● Dogs teach children compassion – just like us dogs feel pain and emotion.

● Dogs teach children about socialisation – by the children learning how to interact with a dog they can better learn how to socialise with other children.

● Dogs are fun – they greet you with a wagging tail every day and put a smile on your face, even on a bad day.

QHS has public liability insurance and will be completing an accredited Dog mentoring course. This means he will be able to come into school and work with and around the children. The puppy will attend the vets regularly for yearly vaccinations, flea and worm treatments.

Although the dog at times will be working alongside children in their classroom he will be based in the Hall which is separate from the classrooms and the children will only be able to interact with him under strict supervision and as long as parental permission has been given.

He will initially be in school every Monday. When he is moving around the school he will be on a lead and always with an adult. We hope he will be able to support children in school in areas such as Forest School, reading, nurture groups, attendance, and also being in the quiet areas on the playground at playtimes.

With parental permission, over a period of time, children who are fearful of dogs will be supported in approaching, handling and in gaining confidence in managing their fear. We are hopeful that the children will gain a lot of enjoyment from having a school dog and there will be pictures and 'pupdates' in the Newsletter of all that he gets up to. One thing's for sure, he will be loved and very well cared for with plenty of attention from willing students and staff!

Ms Jackson, Headteacher, will be arranging to give all the children an assembly workshop on ‘How to Be Dog Smart’ this week.

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