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A new chapter - renaming our school

Updated: Jul 27, 2020

In February this year, our school became part of the Cavendish Education Group ~ a small family of day and boarding schools catering specifically for children and young people with unique learning profiles, and offering small class sizes, outstanding specialist support including therapy, a broad curriculum and wide-ranging extra curricular experiences.

At present, we are working hard to deliver:

  • specialist teaching facilities

  • purpose-built, spacious classrooms, with enhanced access to technology

  • a broader range of specialist therapeutic areas, and

  • a welcoming and open environment for visitors.

Phase one of this project is already underway, and will be ready for our students’ return in September. This phase will deliver specialist Science and Food Technology teaching facilities for the first time in the school’s history, a Library space, an Occupational Therapy room, an improved Reception area and extended class bases.

In addition, the school will introduce a broader range of academic courses and will add GCSE qualifications to its curriculum to complement the vocational, life skills and arts-based qualifications already on offer. The school day will be extended for all learners and there will be a renewed focus on creating ambitious outcomes for all - raising expectations and implementing the Cavendish educational philosophy of helping all learners to develop confidence, competence, creativity and character.

To mark this new chapter, we have looked at the history of our magnificent building and school site and have decided to celebrate it by renaming the school Quorn Hall School, with effect from September 2020.

Quorn Hall School will be fully integrated within, and supported, by the Cavendish Education Group. This will enable pupils and staff to benefit from shared expertise, ideas, practice and resources. It will adopt the Cavendish Education ‘badge’ to bring continuity across the family of schools. It is hoped that the re-brand of the school will also help us to build closer links with the local community, employers and community groups.

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