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COVID Catch Up Recovery Curriculum 2020-2021 (PDF)


Current Status: Quorn Hall School continues to work closely with parents and Local Authorities, providing, where required a transitional programme to meet individual pupil’s needs on their return into school.


Information for parents/carers:

The safety and wellbeing of the children at Quorn Hall School remains our top priority and we shall continue to work with families, carers and social workers during these unsettling times. We appreciate that many of our pupils are accessing increased anxiety on account of the pandemic so we will endeavour to continue to provide education in as normal a way as possible. Maintaining communication and relationships is key. Our onsite testing facilities will continue along with the importance of maintaining the integrity of class bubbles. We value the support of all members of the school community as we seek to keep our onsite education provision safe for pupils and staff.

Our Remote Education Policy is also still available on our website and explains how we provide both five hours’ worth of education remotely using Google Classroom and the steps we are taking to reduce social isolation in young people learning at home if they were to self-isolate. 

​We thank you for your continued support during these extremely challenging times. As we continue to flex and respond to rapidly changing circumstances and guidance, we continue to welcome feedback from families on what is working well and what needs further adaptation.​​

Information for external visitors:

We are following government advice in order to keep our community safe. Please note, if we become aware of any additional outbreaks either through our own testing or through local Public Health teams, our assessment of risk may be reviewed and arranged visits may need to be cancelled at short notice.

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