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Psychologist for Children

Pastoral Care & Wellbeing​


The approach to pastoral care at Quorn Hall School is as individualised as the pupils who join us. We operate an open door policy and work on the principle that everyday is a new day with a clean slate.

Our team has experience of mentoring and youth work, as well as many years experience working with children and young people in schools. They work closely with the pupils to ensure that each feels accepted, cared about and safe. They help them to feel good about themselves again and bolster their confidence.


They understand the importance of providing pupils with stability, support and consistency, and they work closely with the academic and support staff in order to adequately equip the pupils with the tools they need to become a well-rounded adult.


Quorn Hall School offers pupils the opportunity to be reflective and to take restorative measures where necessary. We believe that what we do here is genuinely transformative.




There are a variety of clubs and activities that pupils can join in with ranging from swimming and rock climbing, to working with local professional sports clubs such as Leicester Riders. These provide opportunities for pupils to build confidence away from the classroom and to face and overcome challenges.


Pupils at Quorn Hall School also benefit from PSHE sessions which cover social and moral topics within a safe and supportive environment.

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